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About Bob Bly

Bob Bly has been a writer since 1979 and a full-time freelance writer since 1982. He earns more than $600,000 a year from his freelance writing, and became a self-made multi-millionaire while still in his 30s.

Bob has written copy for more than 100 clients including Phillips, Agora, KCI, 21st Century, Weiss Research, EBI Medical Systems, Sony, AT&T, Grumman, Crain Communications, McGraw-Hill, IBM, Intuit, Nortel, and AlliedSignal.

Bob is the author of more than 70 books including The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Direct Marketing (Alpha), The Ultimate Unauthorized Star Trek Quiz Book (HarperCollins), The "I Hate Kathie Lee Gifford" Book (Kensington), The Science in Science Fiction (BenBella), and, with Bo Dietl, Business Lunchatations (Penguin).

He has published more than 100 articles in such publications as Subscription Marketing, Direct, Business Marketing, Writer’s Digest, and Amtrak Express.

Bob’s writing awards include a Gold Echo from the Direct Marketing Association, an IMMY from the Information Industry Association, two Southstar Awards, an American Corporate Identity Award of Excellence, and the Standard of Excellence award from the Web Marketing Association. He also taught marketing at New York University.

Bob has appeared as a guest on dozens of TV and radio shows including The Advertising Show, Bernard Meltzer, CNBC, and CBS Hard Copy. He has been featured in major media ranging from the LA Times and Nation’s Business to the New York Post and the National Enquirer.

What they say about Bob Bly

"I started down this road of copywriting for direct marketers by purchasing your book. Since then I have made about $50,000 in copywriting fees. I feel a debt of gratitude toward you!"
--Ray Edwards

"I went to Amazon.com and got a copy of Secrets of a Freelance Writer. Wow! ... I loved it! Packed with info. The book had a 'readability' about it that took away all my fears, put me at ease, and made me feel that I wasn't treading on foreign soil. I kept saying to myself, 'I can do that, I can do that!'"
- Ronald J. Rich

"Your books served as a complete reference when I started my own freelance writing business a year and a half ago. By following the advice you laid out, I quickly reached goals that I had set for year three of my business within the first year. My philosophy is, if you've written it or recommended it, I want to read it."
- Carla Jahnson

"I own a copy of The Copywriter's Handbook, which is priceless. Thank you for making this information available to those of us on a shoestring."
- Mary Klaebul, Memphis, TN

"I own Secrets of a Freelance Writer: How to Make $85,000 a Year and The Copywriter's Handbook. Both are great. You did a great job of getting to the nitty gritty. I admire and respect what you have done."
- Derek A. Chilcoat

"FYI, you started me off with your tape series on freelance copywriting, and I'm an avid reader of yours."
- Scott T. Smith, Bozeman, MT

"Having read two of your books, Secrets of a Freelance Writer and The Copywriter's Handbook, I am now taking the leap. If not for the strong encouragement of your books, I might not have jumped. Thanks again for the road map that your books offered."
- Eddie Adelman

"I am a great fan and avid reader of your books. When I first started out in this copywriting business nearly ten years ago, your Secrets of a Freelance Writer was my bible (it's so dog-eared, some of the pages are coming apart). You continue to be a great source of inspiration and education."
- John M. Mora, Plainfield, IL

"Thank you for all the books you've written over the years -- I have enjoyed many of them, and profited from what I've learned. I've been reading Become a Recognized Authority in Your Field this past month -- it's helping me really do the things I've always wanted to do."
- Michael Knowles

"I read Write More, Sell More a few years ago and loved it."
- Steve Slaunwhite

"The first time I read your book Secrets of a Freelance Writer I laughed at the fact of picturing myself as a business writer. The second time I read it, I made over $1,000 in a week. I'm laughing for a much better reason now."
- Grady Smith

"I loved your book The Copywriter's Handbook. It has sincerely helped me in my business and is worth every penny I spent on it!"
- Brian Maquire, Portland, OR

"Had I not discovered your Secrets of a Freelance Writer and The Copywriter's Handbook, I would still be a frustrated, unfulfilled hack. Thank you for saving me from that! I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with the rest of us and allowing us to take a piece of the pie. I already love this new career that I never would have discovered without your guidance. Thanks."
- Elizabeth Hanes

"I wanted to thank you for The Copywriter's Handbook and Secrets of a Freelance Writer. Both books are informative and inspirational."
- Ken Harrison

"I have read your books Selling Your Services and The Six Figure Consultant and I really appreciate the wealth of knowledge you have shared in both of these publications."
- Leah Beth Mills, Farmingville, NY

"Thanks a million for my life!"
- Alan Zoldan

"Your books The Copywriter’s Handbook and Secrets of a Freelance Writer helped me start work as a freelancer. I can't tell you how many times those books saved my skin and got me confidently through unfamiliar materials. I am very grateful for your expertise and generosity."
- Lorraine Thompson

"One of the best copywriters in the business."
--Michael Meanwell, author, The Wealthy Writer

"Bob Bly is one of the most successful copywriters in the world. I've used his services and purchased a lot of his materials -- and always profited from both."
--Bob Serling, President, Idea Quotient

"Considered one of the best copywriters in the country."
--David E. Wright, President, International Speakers Network

"There's no better copywriter than Robert W. Bly, the man I call the 'King of Copy.' He can teach you more about the art and science of marketing than anyone I know."
--Richard Dean Starr

"20 years ago, when Bob Bly starting teaching copywriting, the field was deeply shrouded in mystery. Now, thanks to Bob, learning copywriting, though still a tricky proposition, is much easier."
--Ken McCarthy

"For over 25 years, Bob Bly has set the gold standard in results-oriented business-to-business writing."
--Roger C. Parker, author, Looking Good in Print

"When it comes to educating his fellow copywriters and marketers, Bob Bly is the master."
--Dianna Huff

"Bly Rules!"
— Murray Raphel, Raphel Marketing

"Mr. Copy."
— Markus Allen, Publisher

"There is no greater authority on business-to-business direct response copywriting then Bob Bly. What impresses me most about Bob Bly is his knack for making things clear and simple."
--Scott Miller

"Bob Bly is among the most accomplished self-employed copywriters in recent years."
-- Steve Slaunwhite

"Bob Bly is probably the best business-to-business, high tech, industrial, direct marketing copywriter in the country."
-- John Clausen

"Perhaps the most famous copywriter of them all."
-- The Writer

"[A] freelance writing dynamo...."
-- Writer's Digest

"One of the great copywriters in the direct marketing industry...."
-- Ruth Stevens, author, The DMA Lead Generation Handbook

"...[a] copywriting giant..."
--Freelance Writer's Report

"Bob Bly is a human machine who has been outputting high-grade direct marketing copy for decades. I've read a few of his numerous books and have learned much from this pro."
-- Larry Chase, Web Digest For Marketers

"Renowned direct marketing practitioner and prolific author Bob Bly [is] nationally recognized for his control-beating copy. [He] knows how to write for results."
--Kansas City Direct Marketing Association

"Bob Bly is in the upper echelon of direct mail and e-mail copywriters and he's an all-around direct marketing guru. In addition to hundreds of successful campaigns for technology clients, Bly has authored or co-authored more then 50 books."
--Bruce Hadley, softwareceo.com

"Bly is probably one of the world's most famous and experienced copywriters. He is also a noted authority on the creation of online copy and online trends."
--The Compulsive Reader

"Bob Bly is a world-class copywriter."
--Paul Hartunian

"I've known Bob for a long time. His stuff is terrific."
--Johne Forde, Copywriter's Roundtable

"Bob Bly [is] a prolific advertising genius."
--Joe Vitale, "Mr. Fire"

"Thanks for all. You are just a pleasure to work with -- my top choice copywriter. I always learn so much when we do stuff as a team."
--Lori Haller, Shadow Oak Studio

"Brilliant job Bob! You are a master at persuasion!"
--James Trippon, China Stock Digest

"Bob, you did a professional job on the McMaster Online rewrite. The changes you made fit nicely into the sales piece, and your bonus idea was brilliant. The results were outstanding, and we hit our marketing target."
--R.E. McMaster, McMaster Online

"Bob's copy is powerful, and it makes me want to buy the book. Putting all the words in Marty's mouth is perfect, and allows all kinds of outrageous statements to roll forth without a blush. I think Bob's done a terrific job."
--Gordon Grossman

"Bob, let me take a moment to thank you for the top quality work and inspirations you've shared with us this year. You've been a key part of our team and I'm looking forward to 2007!"
--Lauryn Franzoni, ExecuNet

"This is an impressive job. These e-mails are very persuasive and I like the natural flow - it's effortless to read them from top to bottom."
--President, SafeApp Software, LLC

"As a result of my association with Bob Bly I've put well over $27,000 in my pocket this year. I expect this to be 30% of what we'll make together next year. Thanks Bob!"
--Fred Gleeck, http://www.fredgleeck.com/

"We're very happy with the copy. Thanks for all of your work on this!"
--Lauren Klopacs, Forbes

"Thanks for the fast response with the first draft of our direct mail package. I like what I see! The headlines, copy, and format you came up with erase any doubt I may have had about spending the money for a professional to do the job."
--Ron Berge, Modulog

"We've been very impressed by what you've done ... top flight work."
--Ben Howerton, The Real Estate Arena

"Bob's one of the most experienced - and successful - copywriters I know. I work with him every chance I get - both for The Total Package and when he's available, with my agency, Response Ink!"
--Clayton Makepeace, Response Ink

"I was your client at Philadelphia National Bank (later CoreStates) many years ago. I was always happy to pass on your copy to my internal clients because it was invariably right on target."
--John Alexander

"Bob, you're the man! Looks great. I really like the letter and the writing. Thanks!"
--Jeff Haefner, Ideal Computer Systems, Inc.

"Bob has done a terrific job with the elements he's produced (and his perspective on our DM activities has been very helpful as we project out the response rates for our Landlord Initiative.) He's easy to work with and delivers top quality materials."
--Scott Brueggeman, Socrates Media

"The brochure copy looks excellent. You seem to have really 'hit the nail on the head.'"
--Richard Eichenbaum, Eichenbaum & Stylianou, LLC

"The first time we tested your promo, it outpulled our control by 50%. Since then, the package you developed for us has done a tremendous job in growing the company these last 4 year. Thanks!"
--Bill Crosson, Planner Pads

"Wow, you did an amazing job writing our new white paper!"
--Michelle Barnum, Altiris

"I wanted to let you know what a wonderful job you did for me on the first draft of my drip marketing letter. I'm very pleased, excited, and impressed. You really do possess an amazing skill! Thank you for such a wonderful job!"
--Scott Martin, MartinWest Insurance Brokerage

"Thanks for the lightning speed turnaround! Your feedback was very thorough and clear. I could tell that you read every word. Great job."
--Clay Conner, Five Degress North

"Bob, on behalf of Lee and I, your ad copy is fantastic."
--Michael Kelley, Elite Inner Circle

"Well, I guess it's official. You're very good! It's very clear to me that your critique will be worth a lot more to me than you've charged for it. I appreciateit very much and greatly admire your work."
--Frank Ramos, e-PRO

"Just following up. Thanks again for a great day last week. Everyone is buzzing, trying out your ideas and suggestions. A good thing all the way 'round."
--Jim Bell, IOMA



Dear Freelancer (or Soon-to-be Freelancer):

In 1979, my first job out of college, I was hired by Westinghouse Defense & Electronics.

My position was a junior staff writer in the marketing communications department.

The pay was a modest $74 a day -- about $9.25 an hour.

But I was happy they hired me.

After all, I was a broke student – with college loans to repay.

And in those days, monthly rent for a one-bedroom garden apartment where I lived -- Glen Burnie, Maryland -- was just $200 a month.

Very affordable, even on my slim salary.

Anyway, after only a few weeks on the job, an interesting writing project came up.

It was a major brochure on a new radar system.

Naturally, I asked my boss to let me write it.

"You’re too green," he told me – although he used kinder words.

Instead, he called in a freelancer writer – John -- whom I instantly disliked.

The guy was, in my opinion, an extremely mediocre writer.

His copy, to put it kindly, was at best second-rate.

Yet amazingly, the product manager seemed reasonably satisfied.

The job took John 3 days to write.

And at $1,000 a day ... incidentally, almost 14 times more per day than the company was paying me ... he billed us $3,000.

To this day, I believe I could have written a far better brochure than John did.

Even if the copy took me 4 days to write, it would have cost my company only $296 instead of $3,000.

"Hey, how long has this racket been going on?" I said to myself.

If a company was willing to pay a freelancer more than 10X what I was earning for essentially the same work ...

Then I reasoned I could make more money as a freelancer – like John -- than as an employee.

Not too long after that, I quit the corporate world for good … and hung out my shingle as a freelance copywriter.

And I’ve never looked back.

Today, instead of $74 a day, I now earn as much as $1,000 to $2,500 a day.

The point of my story is this:

Whether you’re a writer – photographer – programmer – Web designer – graphic artist – corporate trainer – systems analyst – business strategist – illustrator -- editor – proofreader – search engine marketing specialist – copywriter – management consultant – technical writer – marketing strategist – project manager --

If you want to make more money ... get more respect ... and have more freedom than you do as an employee ...

Then it’s good to be a freelancer.

There’s only one problem: you can’t learn what you need to know about freelancing in high school -- or even college.

Precious few college programs offer practical, real-world training in how to succeed as a freelancer.

That’s the knowledge my new Freelancing University can give you.

Freelance U distills 4 decades of experience as a freelancer into a fun, informative self-study audio program ...

A portable course in freelancing you can take at home at no risk for a full 3 months.


The next semester of "Bob Bly’s Freelancing University" is about to begin – don’t miss out!

I’m not a professor, academic, or theoretician who teaches the freelance business from a book someone else wrote.

I’m a full-time freelance writer who has made millions of dollars selling his services in the real world.

AT&T, IBM, Forbes, Boardroom, Hyperion, Agora, and other major companies pay me handsomely – as much as $7,000 to $10,000 per project – to write for them.

In fact, I became a self-made multi-millionaire while I was still in my 30s ... all from freelance writing.

I’ve had more than 100 books published by McGraw-Hill, Prentice Hall, and other big publishing houses – and hundreds of articles in magazines ranging from Amtrak Express to Cosmopolitan.

I tell you this not to brag, but to reassure you that when I give you advice on making a lot of money as a freelancer -- I speak from experience.

I’ve done everything I tell you to do ... spent thousands of dollars and many years testing my freelance business success principles ... to determine what works – and what doesn’t.

Now, I’ve condensed my decades of freelance experience into a compact audio program, Bob Bly’s Freelancing University.

Here’s a preview of the "power freelancing" curriculum you’ll master when you attend my Freelancing University ...


Power Freelancing Lesson #1: Become a Recognized Expert in Your Field

With so much competition in almost every field – from copywriting and book publishing, to magazine writing and graphic design – how do you stand out from the pack?

By building your name as one of the top experts in your niche – whether it’s writing annual reports, designing magalogs, or marketing pharmaceuticals to physicians.

When you’re a recognized guru, clients come to you, instead of you banging on their door looking for work.

In Lesson One of Freelancing University, I show you how to set yourself apart – and blow past your competitors – by rapidly establishing your reputation as an expert in your field, industry, or specialty.


  • Why potential clients love gurus ... and will line up around the block to hire you if they perceive you as one.
  • The single, simple technique that Dr. Phil, Tony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and practically every successful guru on the planet uses to become rich and famous. Now, you can use it, too!
  • How to get prestigious associations and clubs – whose members are your potential clients – to feature you as the expert speaker at their next meeting.
  • What Oprah Winfrey can teach you about becoming an "instant celebrity" in your own field
  • The 2 most important things you need to do on the Internet to quickly spread the word about your expertise in your specialty online.
  • How to win over new clients with your knowledge by giving it away to them for free – as crazy as that sounds.
  • And everything else you need to become an "instant guru."

After completing the first course module in Freelancing University, you’ll be well on your way to dominating your freelance niche ... and building a name that puts you head and shoulders above all other freelancers.


Power Freelancing Lesson #2: The Super-Productive Freelancer

Dentists have a saying: "Unless you’re drilling and filling, you’re not billing."

Freelance is the same way: you only make money when you’re working.

And the more productive you are, the faster your work ... and the greater your output, the more money you can make.

For instance, if you get $400 to write a press release, and it takes two days, you earn $200 per day.

On the other hand, if you can whip out that press release in an afternoon, and still do a good job, you can two do a day – and earn $800 a day ... 4X more than the slower writer.

But how do you become a fast, efficient, and super-productive freelancer?

In Lesson Two: the Super-Productive Freelancer, I share the personal productivity secrets that have enabled me to write over 70 published books, launch a six-figure Internet business with over 30 Web sites, and earn millions of dollars as a freelance copywriter.


  • An easy way to gain one more hour of productive time each day. This one tip alone can increase your annual income more than 10%.
  • Why you should never, ever go to the bank ... the post office ... the printer ... the copy shop ... the stationery store ... ever again.
  • How to get eager assistants to do your every bidding for $10 to $20 an hour – without hiring a single employee.
  • The magic of saying "no" – and how this simple two-letter word can literally give you back your life.
  • The 3 "to do" lists every freelancer must keep ... and what to put on each.
  • The magic of "hour power." It’s the single most effective way to organize your day to prevent procrastination and maximize your productivity.
  • Why sitting on your butt all day can actually make you rich much faster than running around all day.
  • How to get more clients than you can handle ... without spending a minute of your time talking to prospects who are thinking of hiring you.
  • What Sam Malone from "Cheers" can teach you about being super-productive.
  • And so much more.


Power Freelancing Lesson #3: Copywriting Secrets

Next up, a lesson on copywriting, packed with tips – based on my nearly 3 decades of copywriting experience -- on how to write copy better and faster.

If you’re a copywriter, you’ll produce better copy ... delight your clients ... sell more of your client’s products and services ... and increase your income as your writing output soars.

Not a copywriter? You still need copy to create the Web site, articles, and other marketing documents that sell your services.

In lesson 3, you’ll learn how to write your own copy. So you can get more response to your marketing ... increase sales of your services ... and save thousands on copywriting fees.


  • The secret of the "big promise" ... and why prospects won’t respond to your promotions without it.
  • Rosser Reeve’s "lost" 3-part formula for creating a winning USP: unique selling proposition.
  • Michael Masterson’s "4 U’s" formula for writing a winning headline.
  • Understanding your prospect’s "core buying complex" with a quick "BDF" analysis.
  • Marketers debate whether people buy for logical or emotional reasons. But there’s a third, deeper level that motivates people. Reach it, and you can make more sales.
  • The 5-step motivating sequence – and how following this simple outline can make everything you write more persuasive and profitable.
  • The "FAB" pyramid of features and benefits ... and how it gives your prospects more reasons to buy from you.
  • What a 4-legged stool can teach you about writing powerful promotions.
  • And others ....


Power Freelancing Lesson #4: The Secret of My Freelance Success

Michael Masterson, publisher of Early to Rise, conducted a wide-ranging interview with me covering every aspect of my freelance copywriting business.

My education ... my early job experiences in marketing ... making the transition from corporate to freelance life ... how I approach copywriting assignments ... favorite copywriting tips and tricks ... secrets of being a prolific freelance writer ...

How I schedule my writing time ... most difficult writing challenges ... advancing my freelance career through networking and personal contacts ... building royalty income ... advice for beginners ... and more.

Many beginning copywriters have said to me, "I wish I could just be a fly on the wall in your office and observe what you do to make your millions of dollars as a freelance copywriter."

Well, you can’t visit my office – sorry – but listening to this interview in lesson 4 of Freelance University is surely the next best thing.


Power Freelancing Lesson #5: Selling Your Services Online

In this course module, marketing guru Bob Serling and I reveal how you can use the Internet to generate a flood of new business for your freelance services.


  • Elements you absolutely must include on the Web site for your freelance business.
  • Choosing a memorable domain name ... and why it’s so vital.
  • Why every freelancer should publish a free online newsletter ... and how doing so can make you more money.
  • How to generate sales leads for your services by offering free content online.
  • A simple online promotion that generated 200 leads within 48 hours at virtually zero cost.
  • The biggest mistake freelancers make with their Web sites – and how to avoid it.
  • How to create a contact page that turns casual site visitors into highly qualified sales leads.
  • Quick and easy ways to add thousands of new names to your e-list.
  • And many other little-known online service marketing tips.


Who else wants to escape the rat race -- and become a successful six-figure freelancer?

As I mentioned at the beginning of this letter, I have made millions of dollars from my freelance writing.

Naturally, it has provided a very comfortable – and financially secure -- lifestyle for me and my family.

I own – mortgage-free -- an 11-room home worth well over three quarters of a million dollars.

On weekends, we take a short drive to our second home – a 4-bedroom house on a beautiful pristine lake. We go swimming and fishing right off our dock!

I work in jeans and sneakers – no more suit and tie, commuting, project teams, or answering to a boss.

Yes, I get paid very well as a freelancer – earning on average over $12,000 a week.

That means I make more in a month than the average American with a 9-to-5 job makes in a year!

But more important, I do what I want to do – write.

And, I write what I want, when I want to write it.

All this … or whatever freelance success you desire … can be yours, too. And much sooner than you think ...


My students say it best!

"Thanks Bob! You’ve always been so helpful and I’m now 100% committed to living the Full Time Freelance Copy life."
--Bo Chase

"Bob's advice and mentorship has meant I've ALWAYS kept my pipeline full and stayed in demand!"
--Tal Sam

"A quick note to share how much I appreciate your contributions to the copywriting world. You truly are a masterpiece!"
--Pam Pastor

"You are inspiring me to become the best copywriter that I can become. I just wanted to take a moment to send this short note to you to let you know you still are having an impact on aspiring copywriters. Thank You again."
--Charles Dunkin

"I just love it when you shower me with wisdom keys. Implementing them enables me to unlock and enter the inner doors of powerful written expression. Many thanks, always."
--R C Hancox

"Your book 'The Copywriter's Handbook', launched my career. And now I am able to support my wife and two kids during these jittery times. Thanks to you. You are helping so many young people to launch their careers."
--Konstantin Petrenko

"Let me tell you - what you deliver in your free emails is nothing short of pure marketing gold! You're a powerhouse! Keep up the great work."
--Ivan Sršen

"Don't forget how many people's lives you've influenced with your work, Bob!"
--Edvin Mulalic

"Bob, there's a precious connection to you that I feel although we've never 'met'. Thank you for sharing you and your beautiful genius with all of us."
--Suzanne Finder



The Freelancing University you can "attend" at home for less than the price of a single college credit!

I have helped dozens of freelancers take their freelance careers to the next level of success. You’ll find comments from just a sampling of them at left.

Think about this: it costs $100,000 to $200,000 today to get a college education today -- and it takes 4 full years.

When you graduate, unless you’ve majored in a topic like business or engineering, you may not be able to do anything more than apply to graduate school ...

Or get an entry-level job as a wage slave, in a faceless corporation, for a boss you can’t stand, in a job that bores you to tears.

But with Bob Bly’s Freelance University, you can absorb – and profit from – my decades of freelance success.

And it won’t take you 4 years to study with me, because I’ve condensed it all in 5 one-hour audio lessons you can listen to on my 5-CD set – in less than a week -- while driving in the car.

As for tuition, you won’t pay $100,000 or $10,000 or even $1,000 to attend my Freelancing University.

You can get ALL my freelancing secrets in this program for only $97. That’s less than I charge for just 15 minutes of my time.

And that’s what it costs you ONLY if my ideas work for you.

If they don’t, the cost is zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada ...


Try it risk-free for 90 days

That’s right. If, after reviewing Bob Bly’s Freelance University, you don’t agree that my freelance secrets can help you earn thousands of extra dollars in freelance income this year ...

Or you are dissatisfied for any other reason ... or for no reason at all ... just return all the CDs to me (yes, including the bonus CDs – see my P.S. below) within 90 days.

You’ll get a full product refund – no questions asked – an unconditional money-back guarantee of satisfaction you won’t get at your local university or community college.

That way, you risk nothing.

So, what are you waiting for?

In 90 days, you could be no closer to your dream of freelance wealth than you are right now.

Or, you could be on track to make $100,000 ... $200,000 ... even $500,000 a year or more as a successful freelancer in your own field.

It’s entirely up to you.

To order Freelancing University on a 90-day risk-free trial basis, click below now:



Bob Bly

P.S. Order Freelancing University University today and you get an incredibly valuable FREE Bonus Gift, 10 Steps to Freelance Success (list price: $49).

Professionally recorded live at a meeting of SWAN (Self Employed Writers and Artists Network of NJ), this 90-minute mini-seminar is yours free on 2 bonus CDs.

In 10 Steps to Freelance Success, I share with you the 10 most important things I’ve learned about making a six-figure freelance income.


  • The "Sales Lead Machine" that generates more leads that you can ever hope to handle.
  • How to make sure the prospect can afford your fee – before you give him your price quote.
  • Dominate a niche market that most of your competitors don’t even know about – with virtually ZERO competition!
  • Why all potential clients are NOT the same – and how to use the "diamond, gold, silver, copper" rating system to determine the appropriate level of follow-up for each.
  • Establish your reputation as a leading expert in your field ... even if you’re really not.
  • How to save time, eliminate FedEx bills, and close more sales with "instant online inquiry fulfillment" on your Web site.
  • The FIT formula for choosing clients you will enjoy working for and have a profitable long-term relationship with ... and avoiding clients you won’t like and who will give you grief.
  • And much, much more.

This 2-CD set retails for $49. But it’s yours FREE when you order Freelancing University on a 90-day risk-free trial basis today.

To order Bob Bly’s Freelancing University ... and get your FREE Bonus CDs ... just click below now: